Bomag BW 216 D-40 BW 218 D-40 Service Repair Manual


Bomag BW 216 D-40 BW 218 D-40 Service Repair Manual

Bomag BW 216 D-40 BW 218 D-40 Service drum roller This is the most complete Bomag Service Manual for the Bomag BW BW 216 D-40 BW 218 D-40 Trench compactor. Service Repair Manual can come in handy especially when you have to do immediate repair to your Bomag BW BW 216 D-40 BW 218 D-40 compactor.

Bomag Compactors come with comprehensive details regarding technical data. Diagrams a complete list of Bomag Trench compactor parts and is a must for the will not be dissatisfied.

BW 216 D-40 / PD-40
BW 218 D-40
S/N 101 583 39
S/N 101 583 40
S/N 101 583 41
Single drum roller


This Compactors manual addresses the professionally qualified personnel or the after-sales service of BOMAG and should be of help and assistance in the correct and efficient repair and maintenance work.

This manual describes the disassembly, dismantling, assembly, installation, and repair of components and assemblies. The repair of components and assemblies is only described as this makes sense under due consideration of working means and spare parts supply.

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Bomag BW 216 D-40 BW 218 D-40 Repair Manual


  • Before changing any expensive components, such as control units, you should run a systematic troubleshooting session to eliminate any other possible fault sources. Knowledge in basic electrics is required for this purpose. If a fault was diagnosed without having pulled the plug of the control unit or inspected the wiring, this should be done before changing any parts.
  • Check for good cable and ground contacts, therefore keep all mechanical transition points between
    electric conductors (terminals, plugs) free of oxide and dirt, as far as this is possible.
  • Always use the machine-related wiring diagram for testing. If one or more faults were detected, these should be corrected immediately.
  • Do not disconnect or connect the battery or generator while the engine is running.
    Do not operate the main battery switch under load. Do not use jump leads after the battery has been removed.
  • Sensors and electric actuators on control units must never be connected individually or between external power sources for the purpose of testing, but only in connection with the control unit in question.

It is not permitted to pull plugs off while the voltage supply is switched on (terminal 15 “ON”)! Switch the voltage supply “OFF” first and pull out the plug.
Even with an existing polarity reversal protection, incorrect polarity must be strictly avoided. Incorrect polarity can cause damage to control units!

Bomag BW 216 D-40 BW 218 D-40 Service Manual

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