John Deere 644J Operation and Tests Technical Manual


John Deere 644J Loader Operation and Tests Technical Manual

John Deere 644J Operation and Tests Technical Manual

Designed to maximize your productivity and uptime while minimizing your daily operating costs, the 225-horsepower Jhon Deere 644J combines the muscle of a production machine with the flexibility and maneuverability of a utility loader.

John Deere 644J Operation and Tests Technical TM10231 Manual
John Deere 644J Operation and Tests Technical TM10231 Manual
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Numerous enhancements within the more spacious cab include a multifunction state-of-the-art monitor, with advanced diagnostics, durable solid-state electrical distribution center, new sealed switch module, and improved ventilation.

Add to that a more efficient drivetrain and hydraulic cooling system with proportional fan control, and you’ve got a multipurpose machine that’ll make any operator and operation more productive.

Productivity never felt this comfortable.

From the convenient controls that customize machine operation to the comfortable fully adjustable air-ride armchair, the Jhon Deere 644J has everything your operators need to do their best.

All-around visibility is unobstructed, and an improved ventilation system helps keep the view clear and the cab environment.

comfortable. The all-new sealed switch module allows convenient fingertip control of multiple machine operations. Up-front, a state-of-the-art multi-function monitor with easy-to-read messaging, large analog gauges, and LED warning lights to provide vital operating info at a glance.

1. Industry-leading 360-degree visibility gives a clear sightline of the work ahead and the worksite around you.

2. Advanced programmable monitor with analog gauges
and LED indicators to provide:

A. Vital and general operating information
including transmission mode, gear, engine
rpm, and ground speed.

B. Diagnostic readings of most sensors and switches, enabling technicians to quickly troubleshoot problems.

C. Customized machine settings that let an operator match the 644J’s operating characteristics to specific applications by preselecting transmission functions such as Quick Shift and Auto-to-1st for maximum productivity.

John Deere 644J Operation and Tests Technical Manual

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