Kubota B2650 B3350 B3350su Tractor Operators Manual



Kubota B2650 B3350 B3350su Tractor Operators Manual

This Is The Complete Operators Manual For The Kubota B2650, B3350, B3350Su Tractor.

This Manual Describes Procedures For Operation, Handling, Lubrication, Maintenance, Checking, And Adjustment. It Will Help The Operator And Service Repair Maintenance Personnel Realize Peak Performance Through Effective, Economical And Safe Machine Operation And Maintenance.

Models Covered:

Kubota B2650 Tractor
Kubota B3350 Tractor
Kubota B3350Su Tractor

Operators Manual Contains:

Safe Operation
Servicing Of Tractor
Specification Table
Traveling Speeds
Implement Limitations
Instrument Panel And Controls
Pre-Operation Check
Daily Check
Operating The Engine.
Exhaust Aftertreatment Devices
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst And Diesel Particulate Filter (Dpf) Muffler
Handling Points
Dpf Regeneration Process
Regeneration Operating Procedure
Pm Warning Level And Required Procedures
Regeneration Operating Procedure
Pm Warning Level And Required Procedures
Tips On Dpf Regeneration
Starting The Engine
Block Heater (Option)
Stopping The Engine
Warming Up
Warm-Up Transmission Oil At Low Ambient Temperatures
Jump Starting
Operating The Tractor
Operating New Tractor
Do Now No Longer Operate The Tractor At Full Speed For The First 50 Hours
Changing Lubricating Oil For New Tractors
Boarding And Leaving The Tractor
Operating Foldable Rops
To Fold The Rops
To Raise The Rops To Upright Position
Adjustment Of Foldable Rops

Kubota B2650 B3350 B3350su Tractor Operators Manual

Kubota B2650 B3350 B3350su Tractor Operators Manual
Kubota B2650 B3350 B3350su Tractor Operators Manual
Price: $39.99

Operators Seat
Seat Belt
Tilt Steering Adjustment
Head Light / Turn Signal / Hazard Light Switch
Tractor Lights
Brake Pedals (Right And Left)
Range Gear Shift Lever (L-M-H)
Front Wheel Drive Lever
Hand Throttle Lever
Parking Brake
Speed Control Pedal
Speed Set Device
Check During Driving
Immediately Stop The Engine If:
Easy Checker (Tm)
Lcd Monitor
Fuel Gauge
Coolant Temperature Gauge
Hourmeter / Tachometer
Changing Display Mode
Operating Techniques
Differential Lock
Operating The Tractor On A Road
Operating On Slopes Or Rough Terrain
Transport The Tractor Safely
Directions For Use Of Power Steering
Electrical Outlet
Pto Operation
Pto Select Lever
Pto Clutch Lever
Pto Clutch Lever
Lcd Monitor Message
Stationary Pto
Three-Point Hitch & Drawbar
Three-Point Hitch
Selecting The Holes Of Lifting Rods And Decrease Links
Selecting The Top Link Mounting Holes
Lifting Rod (Right)
Top Link
Telescopic Stabilizers
Check Chains
Adjusting Drawbar Length
Hydraulic Unit
Three-Point Hitch Control System
Position Control
Hydraulic Control
Three-Factor Hitch Lowering Speed
Auxiliary Hydraulics
Hydraulic Block Type Outlet
Dual Remote Hydraulic Control System
Control Lever And Hydraulic Hose Connections
Loader / Remote Control Valve Lever
Valve Lock
Hydraulic Control Unit Use Reference Chart
Tires, Wheels And Ballast
Inflation Pressure
Dual Tires
Wheel Adjustment
Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Front Ballast
Rear Ballast
Service Intervals
Lubricants, Fuel And Coolant
Biodiesel Fuel (Bdf)
Periodic Service
Waste Disposal
How To Open The Hood
Engine Side Cover
Daily Check
Walk Around Inspection
Checking And Refueling
Checking Engine Oil Level
Checking Transmission Fluid Level
Checking Coolant Level
Cleaning Evacuator Valve
Checking Air Inlet Pipe
Cleaning Grill And Radiator Screen
Checking Dpf Muffler
Checking Brake Pedal
Checking Gauges, Meter And Easy Checker (Tm)
Checking Head Light, Hazard Light Etc
Checking Seat Belt And Rops
Checking And Cleaning Of Electrical Wiring And Battery Cables
Checking Movable Parts
Every 50 Hours
Lubricating Grease Fittings
Checking Engine Start System
Checking Wheel Bolt Torque
Every One Hundred Hours
Checking Battery Condition
Cleaning Air Cleaner Primary Element
Cleaning Fuel Filter
Adjusting Fan Belt Tension
Adjusting Brake Pedal
Every Two Hundred Hours
Replacing Engine Oil Filter
Changing Engine Oil
Replacing Transmission Oil Filter [Hst]
Adjusting Toe-In
Every Four Hundred Hours
Changing Transmission Fluid
Replacing Hydraulic Oil Filter
Adjusting Front Axle Pivot [4Wd]
Replacing Fuel Filter Element
Changing Front Axle Case Oil
Every 800 Hours
Adjusting Engine Valve Clearance
Every 1 000 Hours Or 1 Year
Replacing Air Cleaner Primary Element And Secondary Element
Every 1 500 Hours
Checking Fuel Injection Nozzle Injection Pressure
Every 2 000 Hours Or 2 Years
Flushing Cooling System And Changing Coolant
Every Three 000 Hours
Checking Injection Pump
Checking Turbocharger
Every 1 Year
Checking Radiator Hoses And Clamps
Checking Intake Air Line
Checking Fuel Lines
Checking Exhaust Manifold
Every Four Years
Replacing Radiator Hose (Water Pipes)
Replacing Fuel Lines
Replacing Intake Air Line
Replacing Differential Pressure Sensor Hose
Service As Required
Bleeding Fuel System
Draining Clutch Housing Water
Replacing Fuse
Replacing Light Bulb
Replacing Radiator Hose (Water Pipes)
Replacing Fuel Lines
Replacing Intake Air Line
Tractor Storage
Removing The Tractor From Storage
Engine Troubleshooting
Power Train Trouble Shooting

Kubota B2650 B3350 B3350su Tractor Operators Manual